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Our Mission in the Art of Music


Arts Alliance of Central Texas (AAoCT) aims to help children in the Dripping Springs, Texas area gain knowledge, education and experience in music performance. 


To accomplish this, AAoCT formed Dripping Springs Youth Orchestra (DSYO) in the summer of 2019. DSYO held auditions early that summer for students to participate in an orchestral program beginning in September 2019.  DSYO has continued rehearsing and performing since then.


The objectives of DSYO are to:

·       Promote music education

·       Stress the importance of individual lessons to help students develop proficiency

·       Help students develop the skills necessary for successful participation in the orchestra

·       Provide students with opportunities to perform in public as a part of the orchestra

·       Offer public performances to foster the public’s knowledge and experience of orchestral music


To achieve these objectives, DSYO:

·       Holds auditions for prospective members

·       Encourages private lessons for DSYO members to develop their proficiency

·       Rehearses each week

·       Gives public concerts every Spring and Fall

·       Gives public performances in support of other non-profit organizations


If you have a child who wishes to audition, contact the AAoCT President via this website. Auditions are for students in 3rd through 12th grades, though we are interested in all students playing at a second year reading level through an advanced high school level, regardless of age. Younger students may be considered based on note reading and skill level.


Videos of concerts can be viewed by visiting the DSYO Facebook page:

Here is a YouTube link to the most recent DSYO concert:

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